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Silver Parrots is an educational gateway for parents and students to research tips and strategies that can be used to help advance students in their academic subjects.

Personalized Instruction

Our team engages your child in personalized lessons and material for their needs and interests.

Critical Thinking

Thinking critically helps your child make more informed choices both academically and in life.

Increase Confidence

One of our main goals is to guide students in a way that boosts their confidence and fosters independence.

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Katherine-Fils Educator Tutor

About Katherine

It was during the summer of 1993 and in the mail came a letter from Katherine’s soon to be third grade teacher. Unexpected yet excited to have received mail, Katherine read about how delighted her teacher was to be able to teach her in the upcoming school year. This simple gesture let her know that after a previous year of struggle in her academics that there was someone who cared about forming a relationship based on a mutual trust and dedication to her students.


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I would recommend the services of Katherine Fils to another parent because she is an excellent tutor.

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