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Now that you and your child have committed to a date to take the SSAT, it’s time to study, right? RIGHT! But what resources should you use? In the past, I’ve recommended Barron’s SSAT practice book (link), (list the others here). Something new that I have liked to incorporate for reading and verbal comprehension is more interactive websites. These sites are great to use to sharpen your verbal toolbox. 


  • One site is a paid resource that you may have heard about called What I like about this resource is that you can select the grade level of your choice, the subject, and over 300 different skills in reading, math, or language arts. At a reasonable price.
  • A free resource is the site This free site has interactive flashcards, quick quizzes, and games. The site uses images to help visual learners remember, audio for the auditory learners to hear the pronunciation of new vocabulary words, and the ability to practice on your smartphone through their app anywhere you want. These are just a few of the great features offered to you. So check it out! 
  • One other site not thought of often is Khan Academy. This site is another free resource. It has a huge collection of resources on almost every subject. The downside is that it doesn’t include test prep resources for SSAT BUT, but it does have a trial section (still free) for English and Language Arts practice for grades 2 through 8th grade. 

Of course, you can always use the workbooks from my last article but there is something more interesting when you can watch, listen, or play your way into learning and sharpening your skills.

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